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#Robotic Automation

3 New Possibilities for Festo’s SupraMotion Technology

Last November at SPS, Festo presented its motion-in-suspension technology, a patented levitation process based on an ultra-low temperature permanent magnetic field

For this year’s edition of Hannover Messe, the German company showcased three new versions of its technology that could benefit materials transport and handling applications.

SupraJunction enables an electromagnet to pull a plate carrying glass containers over a pool of water without touching it. This contactless transfer process maintains container integrity, making it suitable for food or pharmaceutical products.

SupraGripper allows two three-finger grippers to hold and move objects while hovering above plates, thanks to an electrical impulse. This is suitable for use in gaseous, liquid and vacuum environments, among others.

SupraTube enables non-contact intervention within a sealed tube containing a liquid via an external stepper motor and an internal magnet set in motion by electrical impulses. This could be used to safely work with explosive gases and other hazardous substances.


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