Symrise’s Natural Food Ingredients Facility, Georgia, US

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In October 2018, Symrise inaugurated a natural food ingredients facility in Georgia to expand its product offerings for the US food industry.

The plant was built with an investment of €50m ($60m) and currently employs 50 people. The company plans to create another 50 jobs by expanding the facility in 2020.

The new plant allows the company to develop innovative products and meet the growing demand for sustainable foods made from natural ingredients. It will also increase the company’s footprint in the US natural food ingredients market, with an integrated supply chain.

Symrise’s natural food ingredients facility location and details

The natural food ingredients facility is located on a 40ha site in Banks County near Atlanta, Georgia. The location also hosts other food ingredient suppliers and farmers.

The well-developed agricultural system of the area will enable Symrise to strategically increase its food ingredients business.

Focusing on high-nutritional properties, the facility is designed in accordance with advanced technological and sustainable features to produce a wide range of natural food ingredients for use in culinary applications and premium pet food.

Products manufactured at Symrise’s food ingredients plant

The new food ingredients facility manufactures product solutions for Symrise’s pet food and food ingredients sectors, as well as its Symrise Flavor business.

“Symrise will source agriculturally produced raw materials directly from the local farmers in Georgia.”

The products manufactured at the plant will be supplied by the company’s subsidiary Diana Food to manufacturers such as SPF, Vivae, and Videka, as well as pet care solutions provider Odalia.

The facility will also produce flavours and food ingredients, concepts, ideas, food colours, additional functional ingredients and microencapsulated product components under its Flavor range for use in alcoholic, non-alcoholic, dried and instant beverages. The flavours will also be used for savoury, sweets, chocolates and other milk products.

Food processing industry in Georgia

Symrise will source agriculturally produced raw materials directly from the local farmers in Georgia to produce nutritionally valuable product solutions at the new plant.

Georgia’s food processing industry is one of the biggest manufacturing sectors in the state, generating $9.8bn in gross state product. An estimated 50,000 farms are located across Georgia, providing high-quality raw materials.

The state has approximately 780 food processing companies, 12 major distribution centres, and roughly 60 warehouses.

Marketing commentary on Symrise

Founded in 2003, Symrise is engaged in supplying flavourings, functional ingredients, fragrances, cosmetic ingredients and raw materials for applications in the food and beverages, pet food, perfumes, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical industries.

The company is headquartered in Holzminden, Germany, and operates through Nutrition, Flavour, and Scent & Care business segments. The Flavour segment offers flavours, functional ingredients, food colouring and microencapsulated product components, while the Nutrition segment is managed by the company’s Diana division through units Food, Pet Food and Nova.

Symrise manufactures up to 30,000 products from natural raw materials such as fruit, onions, vanilla and plant materials for use across its business divisions. The company operates facilities in approximately 90 locations worldwide and also inaugurated a plant for the production of active cosmetic ingredients in Charleston, South Carolina, in October 2018.

Symrise’s Natural Food Ingredients Facility, Georgia, US