Tampa Bay Rays Unveil Domed Stadium Renderings

Stuart Sternberg
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Stuart Sternberg, owner of the Tampa Bay Rays, Tuesday put on display renderings of the new domed stadium the organization has in mind.

Plans call for 28,216 fixed seats - with a total capacity of 30,842 - under a permanent translucent glass roof. Sliding glass exterior walls will allow the outside to be enjoyed inside the building. The playing field will be an artificial surface.

"I'm proud and incredibly excited to present our vision of a ballpark and one that is of, by and for the people of Tampa Bay," Sternberg said. "I speak for the whole Rays organization and the 20 years we've had here today that we expect to be here for generations to come. We believe that baseball can not only survive but thrive in Tampa, in Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay region."

The ballpark's accessible design will enable it to serve as a year-round community asset, with the potential for programming, events and creative partnerships.

The ballpark is projected to cost $809 million, with additional infrastructure costs of $83 million. Team president Brian Auld didn't disclose who will pay for the new stadium. Hopes are the park will be completed for Opening Day 2023

Tampa Bay Rays Unveil Domed Stadium Renderings