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Groupe PSA creates Digital Factory

The OEM has turned an area covering 3,000 sq.m at its Poissy plant into a digitalised centre. It hopes that the centre will allow it to bring resources and skills together in one place to support various departments, from manufacturing to customer experience.

“The 3,000 sq.m renovation was completed in record time here at the plant,” observed Christophe Rauturier, chief digital officer of Groupe PSA. “The new space is designed to accommodate the Digital Factory’s operations with a dynamic, modular and colourful layout. It stimulates creativity, agility and breaks down silos in our business by bringing together all the skills needed for digital production.”

The centre includes a ‘data factory’, collating information from production processes in order to help optimise them. It also houses a ‘customer digital factory’ to improve online customer experience, and a ‘connected services factory’.

The news comes soon after Groupe PSA revealed it was investing in its Luton plant in the UK and is Hordain plant in France to increase output capacity. This comes ahead of the launch of the new Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro.

The company also recently announced that it intends to start producing components closer to its plants with the primary aim of increasing the agility of its manufacturing operations. Furthermore, the OEM is currently “preparing manufacturing facilities for the ICE energy mix transition as well as the electrification push.”


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