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Circular Connector features push-pull interlocking.

New Circular Connector with Push-Pull Locking Y-Circ® P

Munich – Yamaichi Electronics is expanding the Y-Circ P series with a new back wall-mounted socket.

After the successful introduction of the new circular connector series Y-Circ® P with push-pull interlocking, the product range will now be successively expanded.

The new ‘WD’ socket type is a natural for back wall mounting in combination with circuit board contacts. The wall mounted socket has anti-rotation protection and a solid back stop. This can optionally be equipped with a sealing ring to permit anti-rotation protection for round holes without a flat section.

The sockets are available in three different sizes (09, 12, and 15) and can be combined with all existing pin assignments and contact types.

Like the rest of the series, this wall mounted socket is shorter than competing products, saving space in the interior of the device.

To permit fast, flexible production, the connector series is produced by Yamaichi Electronics in Germany. This location has been active in the area of connector manufacturing and cable assembly for years. So in addition to connectors, customer-specific cable assemblies can also be offered.

Matthias Schuster, product manager for the Y-Circ P product family at Yamaichi Electronics, explains: "The Y-Circ P allows Yamaichi Electronics to open up new market segments and customers for whom other products from our company will also be interesting. We can also offer an interesting alternative made in Germany for customers already using a connector with a push-pull locking mechanism."

For questions about the product, our sales team is standing by ( The catalogue for the complete product series, including all technical specifications, can also be requested or downloaded from our web site.

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