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#Robotic Automation

Linear positioning system for laser engraving

industrial application of cartesian robot

Nowadays, gradual development can no longer meet the requirements. It is increasingly important to ensure long-term competitive advantage. The new high-precision three-axis laser system is designed to optimize the cutting of longer and thicker objects. Compared with the traditional bridge laser system, the envelope of work is almost the same, but faster, more powerful, and more compact. The laser system places the lasers and coolers on the gantry, allowing smaller wheel tracks and shorter light paths, saving space and labor, improving flexibility and cutting quality. Cantilevered design and redesigned controllers make parts handling easier.

The system produces products far superior to other products on the market, especially compared to plasma or oxygen cutting systems. Laser-produced parts require less follow-up work after cutting. By eliminating redundant machining, welding, handling, and transportation work, significant added value can be achieved, thereby reducing the customer's total cost.


  • Shuangliu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • FUYU Technology