High speed cutting billet saw for aluminum

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High speed cutting billet saw finished for special equipment plant, the blade speed up to 500 meters per minute. This GHK5380-180 type adopts servo driven saw head, fixed roller bed, with maximum capacity height up to 800mm, travel stroke 1800mm. Roller bed to the saw was very suitable for transporting either plate or block. It’s automatic infeed, powered outfeed. The engineer Mr. Wang said, they had taken NC control system and large chip scraper conveyor for this saw, as a result, the work efficiency raised, and the plant manager satisfied with it. Because it’s a customized type for processing aviation aluminum, the minimum quantity lubrication unit also used to support the cutting process. The vegetable-based oil shall keep the workshop clean, and very healthy to the people, friends to the environment. Hopefully, this saw would win new market segment in the high speed cutting industry.

High speed cutting billet saw for aluminum

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