Whitepaper - The flowplus16 Pressure Sensor

Elisabeth Lenz

Physical Principles and Function

Sensors (from the Latin "Sensire") are devices by means of which it is possible to detect physical or chemical properties of materials. As human beings, we are not able to perceive these properties accurately (e.g. pressure), without technical assistance, and therefore only estimate them. For this reason, measuring devices in the form of sensors, transform these properties into readable quantities which can be processed further.

Pressure sensors are measuring devices for recording pressure as a physical quantity. Such sensors can be found in various aspects of life, e.g. in microphones, height measuring devices, motors or as a trigger switch for airbags. Due to its unique geometry, the flowplus16 pressure sensor is specially designed for the detection of pressure in dosing technology. The flowplus16 pressure gauges are therefore the first element of a measuring chain that transforms the physical quantity of pressure (force per surface) into an electrical output as a measure of the pressure. The SI unit for pressure is Pascal (Pa). In addition to Pa, the bar (bar) is also approved in accordance with DIN 1301...


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