Large closed reactors for RAS fish farm

3 pcs of MR48-350SS units were installed for Ed Weed - Grand Isle in Vermont. Here ULTRAAQUA UV Systems help keep this large RAS production disease free.

With no diseases in an aquaculture farm, the yearly profit can be up to ten (10) times as high. In many cases the investment in a UV system will have paid for itself in under two years, and sometimes even under a year.

The large L-shaped UV reactor is made from corrosion resistant electropolished stainless steel AISI316L and it is capable of disinfecting more than 1500 m3/h per unit. The unit holds 48 pcs of 350W lamps, with a guaranteed lamp lifetime of 16000 hours.

We know that fish farms are not always the most clean and friendly environment for equipment. This is why it is important to choose a quality UV system, which have proved functionality over many year of operation. By choosing a ULTRAAQUA UV system you are certain to get one of the most thoroughly tested and reliable UV systems for aquaculture.

ULTRAAQUA UV systems installed at Ed Weed fish farm

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