Design Considerations for Successful Temperature Measurement Using PT100 Detectors

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How to Specify PT100 Temperature Detectors for Accurate Temperature Measurement

Highly accurate and stable temperature measurement is possible with a PT100 temperature probe between -200 and +850°C, which makes it a popular choice in many industrial applications. In particular, the high degree of accuracy across the -50 to 150ºC range means that it is the preferred choice for temperature measurement in Pharmaceutical applications, such as in sterilisation processes.

Thermal Detection has published a guide to help users to specify the correct configuration (see link below). This has been written with Pharmaceutical and Healthcare applications in mind although the concepts apply across all industry sectors.

Thermal Detection has over 30 years’ experience in specifying and manufacturing PT100 temperature probes, and can help you to navigate through the complex choices that need to be made for optimum temperature measurement.

Steriprobe Autoclave Load Temperature Probe
Steriprobe Autoclave Load Temperature Probe

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