'How to' make Cosmetics Creams and Lotions

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Silverson 'How to' video series

A series of videos produced by Silverson Machines Ltd showing you how to get the best results from key ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries.

'How to' make Cosmetics Creams and Lotions
How to Mix Cosmetic Creams

Mixing is the critical stage in obtaining stability in cosmetic emulsions such as creams and lotions. A Silverson mixer can help you achieve the best skin feel, consistency and functionality from your ingredients. A fine droplet size is the key to creating a stable, homogenous emulsion. High Shear mixing draws the oil and aqueous phases into the workhead and subjects them to intense shear, resulting in a typical droplet size of 2 -5 microns. Finer emulsions down to 0.5 microns can be achieved, depending on the formulation. With a Silverson High Shear mixer a stable emulsion is produced after just a few seconds mixing. Our lab mixers are ideal for R&D and small scale production and identical results can be achieved with our production scale batch mixers. For larger batches, an In-Line mixer recirculating the contents of the vessel will produce a fine, uniform emulsion. To find out more about Cosmetic creams and Lotions, visit: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/production-of-cosmetic-creams-and-lotions-uk View related applications: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/manufacture-of-suntan-creams-and-lotions-uk