'How to' Disperse Titanium Dioxide

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'How to' Disperse Titanium Dioxide
How to Disperse Titanium Dioxide

Silverson Machines shows you how to get the best results when dispersing Titanium Dioxide. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a pigment used by the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for its brilliant white opacity in products such as paints, tablet coatings and suntan lotions. TiO2 is usually supplied in pre-micronized powder form, but these particles tend to re-agglomerate when added to liquid, forming agglomerates many times larger than the desired particle size. That’s where we come in. Conventional agitators cannot break down these hard agglomerates, but the high shear mixing action of a Silverson has no problem in de-agglomerating these particles and reducing them back down to the desired particle size progressively with each pass through the workhead. This results in a uniform, agglomerate-free dispersion with the maximum opacity and gloss in the end product. Learn more about the dispersion of Titanium Dioxide: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/high-speed-dispersion-of-titanium-dioxide-uk And related applications: Pharmaceutical tablet coatings: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/manufacture-of-pharmaceutical-tablet-coatings-uk Sunscreen/Suntan lotions: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/manufacture-of-suntan-creams-and-lotions-uk

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