'How to' Mix Carbopol

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'How to' Mix Carbopol
How to Mix Carbopol

Carbopol is a thickening ingredient found in many personal care gels, creams and lotions across the cosmetic industry. Dispersing Carbopol effectively can be a challenging task, but at Silverson we have been helping people with their high shear mixing requirements for over 70 years. Our powder/liquid mixing systems have been developed for the high speed dispersion of difficult ingredients such as Carbopol. With a Silverson, you feed the powder into the hopper and let the machine do the rest. After a short recirculation period the Carbopol is fully hydrated and agglomerate-free in a fraction of the time taken by conventional agitators. A Silverson powder/liquid mixer will consistently produce a uniform mix, leaving you with a clear, bright gel time after time. To find out more about the dispersion and hydration of Carbopol, visit our website: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/dispersion-and-hydration-of-carbopol-uk