Outstanding Tattoo Machine Motor

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High Energy Efficiency and Free Movement

Today it is not a surprise anymore to see someone with a bright tattoo mark on his arm or back. Tattoo is more and more considered as a fashion trend for self-expression. When it comes to incise a tattoo, it is essential to choose a decent tattoo machine for both the amateur and professional artists. What makes a good tattoo machine? Motor matters!

The market offers different types of tattoo machines, which contains different types of motors accordingly. The Topband CL1640 coreless brush motor provides 4W~6W of power and high energy efficiency up to 90%. The motor drives with low noise and practically free vibration. The ironless winding and high grade permanent magnets gives this motor stable performance and free cogging torque. It starts and brakes in high agility. Even in high speed rotation, the motor is highly sensitive to respond the control module. The motor includes a small dimension as ø16mm only and light weight as 45g, which allows free space for machine designer and gives efficient portability for tattoo artists.

For those who are seriously engaged in the tattoo machine industry, involving Topband’s professional coreless motor is to stand out from the intense product competition. Still there are a wide range of DC motors for your options. Consider to contact Topband’s professional engineers for practical solution and worry not that you may run out of the tattoo machine industry in the nearest future.

CL1640M Coreless /Ironless Brush Motor
CL1640M Coreless /Ironless Brush Motor

Input Power: 4W~6W, Typical Rated Speed: 9,200rpm Voltage: 7.4V Torque: 4.9 mN.m