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AE5715 BLDC Motors for E-skateboard

An E-skateboard is used as a personal electric vehicle with built-in battery and motor based on a skateboard. The speed can be controlled through a remoter or foot pads. To select an electric skateboard, factors as cruising range, speed, portability, charging time and control method are important to consider. The best skateboards in the current market normally reach ranges over 25 miles, speeds up to 25mph, and charge time as low as an hour.

When building up an E-skateboard, the design should be based on powerful, efficient and practical performance with light weight and cool streamline which can meet end users’ real expectations within reasonable budget. Brushless outrunner DC motor AE5715 is specially designed for E-skateboard by Topband. This motor comes with a high-precision CNC machining and refined oxidation treatment. It also brings a lower KV, higher efficiency, smaller dimension and lighter weight for the E-skateboard.

Things that make AE5715 motor reliable for your electric skateboard

- Using high grade magnets and long endurance bearings.

- Building motor dimension tolerance with high precision.

- Appropriate magnet retainer ring

- High grade silicone percentage stator metal

- High temperature resistance.

- Quality enamelled copper winding.

- 100% computer controlled motor balancing & tuning.

- Automatic winding under rigorous computer program.

- Strict QC management under ISO9001: 2015 and TS16949:2009.

Explore Your Road Surfing Board with Topband Motor

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