Paper Roll Coil Circumferential Automatic PET Banding Machinery


automatic plastic strapping machine for paper roll handling

This automatic circumferential banding tool is designed to strap around the paper roll coil for reinforcement packing with polyester strapping, whichever the direction it is facing while transporting on the conveyor, this machine can be equipped with any types of strap head for paper mill factories depending on customer choice and working condition

Superworker Technology designs, develops and manufactures a whole package of packing system for paper rolls used in paper manufacturing Industry. Which includes automation machines, paper roll conveyors and paper roll lifting and rotating system.

Fully Automatic Strap Packing Machine for Roll Coil
Fully Automatic Strap Packing Machine for Roll Coil

Cold Rolled Coil Circumferential Banding Tool wraps it in a cycle in normal temperature working condition for paper-making plants or non-ferrous factories

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