ZHYQ on board weighing sensor installed on various vehicles

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ZHYQ on board weighing sensor

The traditional on board weighing sensors generally use the strain type weighing sensor or load sensor and their output signals are relatively weak, weak signal of late data amplification processing and data stability caused trouble, and our company's patent product star - silicon capacitance macro gravity sensor solves the this a series of problems.

Application fields: Logistics vehicle, refuse processing, petrochemical industry, coal mine and etc.

Application vehicles: cement mixer, oil tanker, garbage truck and etc.

Application scenarios: Cargo tracking, road safety, vehicle overloading, vehicle overrun, weighing-calculating charge.


Measurement load from 100kg to 500t

Non-contact measurement

Stainless steel house, corrosion resistance

Easy installation and remove with mounting bracket

Output signal up to 20mV/V

With antivibration more than 5G/40Hz

ZHYQ on board weighing sensor
ZHYQ on board weighing sensor

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