SMP858-TSF-D pressure transmitter, let condensation failure become history

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New double diaphragm hygienic pressure transmitter

Condensation is the physical process of gas or liquid congeal when met cold. In the food production of low temperature dairy, infant milk powder, ice-cream, fresh Juice and craft beer, low temperature fermentation and other production processes will make the gas or liquid cold and condensation. Steam become water when meet cold. The lower the temperature of the production equipment, the faster the condensation rate, the higher the frequency of the failure of a hygienic pressure transmitter, which causes great distress to the production enterprises.

LEEG introduced a new anti-condensation hygienic mono silicon pressure transmitter, which adopts the original differential pressure structure with double diaphragm sensor. Both the measured pressure and the reference pressure are transferred to the sensing element through the diaphragm and the filled fluid. The liquid caused by condensation on the reference side or the surface of the housing will drain through the diversion hole and the polishing surface, no liquid generated, does not affect the normal operation of the pressure transmitter. The anti-condensation design ensures the high accuracy and long-term stability of the pressure transmitter even under severe condensation environment.

SMP858-TSF-D pressure transmitter, let condensation failure become history

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