QuellTech Practical Solutions: Planarity Measurement

S. Ringwald

Case Study: Gasket Surface on Casted Aluminum Plates

Case Study

Initial Situation

Client is in automotive industry and needs to validate the planarity (straightness) of the casted aluminum plate. Client’s tolerance is in the range of 0.01 mm. Gasket surfaces can be exposed to high pressures of gas or oil. Surface imperfections are vital for gasket surfaces since can cause slip and leak. Therefore client needs to be sure that it has surfaces to be within the tolerances.

Particular Challenges

Gasket surfaces can belong to gearboxes or engine oil pans of a car so they have to be planar. Manual inspection of such features is not feasible. The parts have to be measured in a very short time and the measurement process has to be robust and must detect all parts out of specs.

QuellTech Solution

Contactless QuellTech Q6-C15-45 Laser Line scanner will perform this task with a high repeatability and velocity. The scanner produces 3D point cloud of the surface and software will compare the data with a tolerance channel to discriminate the units which are out of spec. The Software indicates regions which are violating tolerance level so this region can be worked upon or the part scrapped.

Benefits for the Client:

Thanks to QuellTech high resolution laser line scanners, the quality requirements can be satisfied and the rejection rate can significantly be dropped. A 100% inline inspection with high process robustness ensures the desired quality level.

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Planarity measurement
Planarity measurement



Planarity measurement

Plate 1

Plate 2

measurement with Q6 Laser Scanner

Messung mit Q6 Laser Scanner

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