QuellTech Practical Solutions: Surface Defect Check

S. Ringwald

Case Study: Ceramic Cylinders

Case Study

Initial Situation

Client wants to be certain that ceramic cylinders have no defect on their surface. Trying to solve this problem with different cameras and lightning conditions don’t help the client since measuring a material like ceramics is a challenging task. Client also asks for 3D point cloud and time required to measure each ceramics part.

Particular Challenges

Ceramic is fragile material and it is hard to measure it because of the high reflectivity. Manual inspection is not efficient and trustworthy enough for such material. Manually driven inspection system can lead growth in False Positives and False Negatives which cause higher rejection rates and harms in later production stages to manufacturer.

QuellTech Solution

A QuellTech Q4 Laser Scanner is well capable of measuring surface of ceramics and creates 3D point cloud of the surface. Depending on the tolerance level of the parts, using point cloud data will provide good and robust results to determine ceramic parts fail or pass status.

Benefits for the Client:

QuellTech defect inspection system is highly robust and provides 100% inline inspection with less false errors. Upon request of client, the QuellTech inspection system is capable of checking an item in less than 1 second. This small short measurement cycle will enable such system to be used inline to test 100% of all parts. This will improve quality and minimize labor costs required for manual inspection.

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Case Study Surface defect check of ceramic cylinders
Case Study Surface defect check of ceramic cylinders

Casestudy-Prüfung von Keramikzylindern

Casestudy-Prüfung von Keramikzylindern

Ceramic 1

Ceramic 2

Ceramic 3

Ceramic 4

Ceramic Top Surface Inspection

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