QuellTech Practical Solutions: Pin Alignment in Production of Electronics

Stefan Ringwald

Case Study communication equipment

Initial Situation

The client manufactures electronic assemblies and complete systems for communication equipment. In the course of the process, boards and pins are mutually connected. It is essential that the pins of the connectors meanwhile are not misaligned, deformed or warped. A corresponding inspection before shipment could only be performed manually.


Inspection by video cameras is extremely difficult, as the 3D measurement is disturbed by reflections. The pins are often located at hidden positions with difficult access even for the light of laser line triangulators. The only possibility consists in a laser sensor with low form factor, able to manage with the narrow space available.

QuellTech Solution

The Q4-5 Line triangulator is mounted on a linear axis, which itself is fixed to a robot. The robot arm positions the linear axis over the pins to be measured. After positioning, the linear axis translates the scanner on a path located at a certain distance above the pins. In the course of the travel, the position of the pins within the corresponding swash circumference is inspected. The result (pass/fail) is determined and documented by the software.

Result for the Client

The testing system on the basis of the Q4-5 line triangulator has clearly proven its superiority with respect to the manual inspection carried out beforehand. Error rates could considerably be lowered. Furthermore, the system includes the documentation for quality control of the lot, contributing to an increased customer satisfaction as well.

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Verification of Pin Alignment in Production of Electronics
Verification of Pin Alignment in Production of Electronics

Pin Ausrichtung Prüfung in der Elektronik

Verification of Pin Alignment

Pin Ausrichtung Prüfung

QuellTech Laser Scanner Q4-5 blue

Pins Alignment Check with Q4 / Kontaktstifte Ausrichtung prüfen mit Q4

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