Quality and production performance increased with automated dosing


The safety devices manufacturer GJD improved its automated production due to the micro dispensing systems from preeflow by ViscoTec

GJD designs, produces and sells intruder detection products. For its line of white-light and infra-red LED illuminators, marketed under the company’s Clarius® brand, GJD was seeking a way to improve the way that the plastic lens was bonded to the aluminium housing. Previously, a silicone had been applied manually from a 310 ml cartridge. This was a time-consuming, unsatisfactory process, which also resulted in material waste and clean-ups. It was decided to upgrade to the preeflow eco-PEN 600 precision volumetric, positive displacement dispensing pump, which delivered even more accurate volumes. John Hale from GJD says: “It has really helped with consistency. We know we’re going to get the same amount of silicone dispensed and that the product is going to be perfect every time…”

Read the complete text: http://www.intertronics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Case-Study-F4300N.1-preeflow-eco-PEN-GJD-Manufacturing.pdf

Video of the application:


Iluminator-housing production at GJD with a preeflow system.

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