DesignPro Ltd: From a start-up company to the largest machine building facility in Ireland

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In search of a reliable supplier for configurable components

DesignPro Ltd, based in Limerick, Ireland, is a leading provider of precision automation and machine build

services. Established in 2004 by the visionary designer Paul Collins in a spare room of a rented house, the company developed rapidly. DesignPro started off by designing jigs and fixtures and applications for the automotive industry. Nowadays, DesignPro also creates large, fully automated production lines from start to finish and works across a variety of sectors includ-ing the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics

industries. The company has developed a reputation as a creative and highly professional partner to some of the world’s largest multinationals. Due to its ongoing success, the company recently moved to a new 120,000ft2 premises at the Rathkeale Industrial Estate, Co. Limerick. As a result of the move, DesignPro has become the largest special-purpose machine building company in Ireland. What remains the same are the company’s values: A flexible approach to new challenges, a focus on innovation and an enthusiastic, customer-friendly way of working.

When the company was founded in 2004, Paul Collins and his first employee Pat Downes were aware of the fact that not only state-of-the-art

engineering knowledge, but also a careful supplier selection were essential factors for company growth. They were therefore looking for a reliable partner that would benefit them in various areas, including the supply of configurable parts, the delivery of small quantities and 3D CAD models. Both remembered MISUMI as a vendor, because they had previously worked with the MISUMI catalogue at college. They started ordering precision shafts, bushings, bearings, precision slides and handles in different sizes and lengths from MISUMI. When their machines grew bigger, they started acquiring a huge range of further products. They were delighted by MISUMI’s short lead times and the very consistent supply. In recent times, DesignPro appreciated MISUMI’s development from a catalogue provider to a mainly online-focused company, as MISUMI’s new concise WEBINDEX - which includes links to the product selection online - allows DesignPro to realise further time savings.

In addition to the MISUMI components, Design-Pro uses the MISUMI InCAD Library as a source of inspiration. The InCAD Library contains more than 200 application examples with motion previews and bill of materials ready for download. One of the application examples that proved useful for DesignPro was an example of an adjustable carriage, which they required for a project.

Due to the partnership with MISUMI, DesignPro was able to improve the planning of its projects and could lower its costs over the years. Paul Collins, Managing Director at DesignPro explains his satisfaction with the MISUMI products and customer service: “The efficient lead times of MISUMI have helped us improve our productivity and increase our outputs. Our business has grown with MISUMI over the years, but even in our early beginnings as a small organisation they afforded us the same level of attention and high-quality customer service as we receive today.” Pat Downes, Senior Design Engineer and the first employee at DesignPro, shares this sentiment and stresses: “We have found a trustworthy partner in MISUMI. They offer consistency throughout every stage of the buying process along with a reliable range of products and short delivery times.”

As part of their plans for continued growth DesignPro has made the move into new industry sectors such as renewable energy and expanded its operations worldwide into Mexico, India and the UK. By choosing to partner with MISUMI they know they can guarantee their global network that even the smallest of details are given the highest level of consideration.

DesignPro production line
DesignPro production line

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