Solution for Dam Leakage Monitoring

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Solution for Dam Leakage Monitoring

Problem Description:

There are kinds of leakage problems existing in water dam projects with various and complicated causes and reasons. In order to make sure the dam operate safely, it is essential to know the stress changes correctly and find out the main cause of the leakage in time and take effective steps.

Solution Provided:

1. Brief Introduction

Micro sensor offers customers a solution for long time dam leakage monitoring. It consists of a monitoring software, a remote monitoring and controlling terminal and a level transmitter.

1) Communication Platform: LoRa wireless network, GPRS

2) Data Collection: Earth2000 Remote monitoring terminal

3) Data Transmission: Earth1004 remote monitoring terminal, MS600 hydrological monitoring system

4) Site Measuring: 2 MPM4700 Intelligent level transmitter(osmometer)

5) Software: Micro Sensor Data Platform

2. System Introduction

According to the collecting clock set, the main device (Earth1004 remote monitoring terminal) will send order to servant device (Earth2000 remote monitoring terminal). Then Earth2000 terminal will read the data of MPM4700 level transmitter(osmometer), send them back to mail device Earth1004 together with other data packed including battery voltage, device conditions etc. and then stay in standby mode with low cost.

The main device collect data from every Earth1004 monitoring terminal gradually, sends them to the server and then it will stay in standby mode with less energy cost. Therefore the server is able to save, inquiry, count, and configure the site leakage level, temperature, battery voltage and signal remotely.

This system is suitable for customers to monitor site conditions remotely, correctly and cost-effectively. Besides dam leakage monitoring, it can be used for many applications like hydrology, firework pipe network, petroleum &chemical also. Feel free to contact us for more details via and we are ready to serve you customized solutions.

Solution for Dam Leakage Monitoring
Solution for Dam Leakage Monitoring

Solution for Dam Leakage Monitoring

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