Developing a Medical Grade Epoxy - KB 1452 HT-2

Kohesi Bond

Lear how we developed a medical grade, chemically resistant epoxy for our customer's application

Kohesi Bond received an inquiry for bonding stainless steel substrates for a medical instrument. The customer required an epoxy that could withstand steam sterilisation and something that was capable of passing USP Class VI testing.

In order to recommend the right solution, our technical expert needs to find out answers to certain questions pertaining to the customer’s application:

1. Is this a disposable device or a reusable device?

2. How many steam sterilization cycles will the adhesive be exposed to?

3. Apart from sterilization, what is the maximum temperature that the instrument will see?

4. What viscosity are you looking for?

Learn more about our recommendation and how it performed in our customers application.

KB 1452 HT-2 - Medical Grade Epoxy
KB 1452 HT-2 - Medical Grade Epoxy

Medical grade epoxy that can withstand multiple sterilisation cycles.

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