JINPAT Slip Ring Successfully Applied To Radar


Radar slip ring \ high frequency slip ring\ hallow shaft slip ring

Radar is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic wave to detect targets. It transmits electromagnetic wave to irradiate targets and to receive the echo. So we can get information about distance, direction, height and so on from the tagets to electromagnetic wave emission point. And it’s often used in the military field.The main purpose of the radar antenna is to accept and transmit data. Usually placed in the open air, it’s directly affected by the wind, rain, snow and ice, dust and the sun radiation, salt fog and so on.

The radar antenna slip ring is a mechanical and electrical component to transmit current and data signals from the fixed device to the rotating device. Also it’s known as the conductive slip ring, brush, rotating electrical joint or electric head. Slip rings can be applied to unrestricted, continuously rotate mechanical and electrical system to transmit current or data signals. The slip ring can improve the system performance by simplifying the operation and eliminating the damage. It can be widely used in security, factory automation, electric power, finance, instrumentation, chemical, metallurgy, medical, aviation, military, transportation, construction and other electrical and mechanical equipment.

JINPAT Slip Ring Successfully Applied To Radar

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