Slip Ring In The Packing Industry


Filling systems and labeling systems

Constantly increasing product variation demands on-the-fly production changeovers. Mechatronic solutions with servo motors make for easier setup and faster changeover times than would be possible with older, purely mechanical technology.

Slip ring as a important part of the filling systems and labeling systems , responsible for power and signal transmission and keep part of the system components 360 degree rotation.

JINPAT Technological Superiority:

Packaging Industry (including labeling/filling machine)

1.long life time(≥2x10 rpm),continues rotation for 24 hours, maintenance free and no lubrication.

2.360°continuous rotation, transferring power and digital signals(including analog signals、digital signals、serial signals and thermocouple signals )

3.Unique design of thermocouple signal transmission of mounter and packaging machine, which has been validated and approved by a lot of foreign clients. Accurate temperature measurement, high temperature resistance, high reliability;

4.Imported contact materials, foreign military grade coating technology to the surface treatment;

5.customized viable as your special needs, up to 300 circuits to transmission;

6.Be used in textile machine ,loom ,hosiery knitter

7.Imported fiber brush wire with multi strand combination, to ensure reliable contact under low brush pressure, long service life, maintenance free, no lubrication;

8 .Gold to gold contact material, through the brush pressure testing system to ensure the consistency of the brush pressure and the stability of electrical transmission performance;

9. Through bore size from 12.7mm to 96 mm, standard products viable to provide directly. customized products bore size can be to 300mm.

10.Support current ,signal mixed transmission, and can also mixed with other rotary joint(such as gas -liquid rotary joint )

Packaging LPR Series

1. Easy connection; available to wire and standard flat connector

2. Super long life: over to 50 million rpm

3. Can load large current, the largest single channel up to 25A

4. Replace mercury slip ring, meet environmental requirements

Please contact us for your special needs,our engineer will tailor slip ring with our 20 years experiences.

Slip Ring In The Packing Industry

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