Dust Test Chamber - IP5X/6X

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Dust Tester - IP5X/6X

the chamber is used to test the water proof performance of electronic product under water dripping environment,water spraying environment,water

showering environment,water inmmersion environment,water spraying


Dust Testing Chamber- IP5X/6X
Dust Testing Chamber- IP5X/6X

GENERL SPECIFICATIONS Packaging Dimensions: (WxDxH) 1500*1200*1900mm Power supply source: 3-phase, AC380V±10%,50Hz (can be appointed) Gross Weight: 400kg Item Specification Internal dimension 800W*800D*800Hmm External dimension 1300W*1000D*1700Hmm Test sample Size W20cm- L30cm-D15cm, weight 0.5kg Chamber material SUS304 Stainless steel Talcum powder amount 2kg/ m³ Airflow speed No more than 2m/s Door Left open door with tempered glass door Vacuum pump capacity 60-600 L/H Fan Centrifugal fan Chamber Design Features 1, Chamber material: SUS#304 stainless steel; 2, Transparent window is convenient to observe specimen during testing; 3, Blow fan adopts stainless steel shell, high sealing and wing speed, low noise; 4, Inside the shell is the funnel type, vibration cycle can be adjusted, dust free float in the sky falling to blowing the hole together.

Constant temperature and humidity chamber

This series machine stimulate various temperature and humidity environment,it is suitable for test electronics,electrical appliances,food,automobile,rubber andplastic,metal print products and furniture products,based on GB/T10586,GJB150.6A,GB/T22894,JJF|101,GB/2423.3,GB/T2423.4,IEC68-2-30,GB/T4857.2,GB/T9278;provide customer with reliable testing report under harsh environment that improve the quality of products.

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