Static Stretch & Recovery Testing Machines

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Static Stretch & Recovery Testing Equipments

To determine the elastic fabric under a certain tension to stretch the specified elongation and then recovery

static stretch & recovery testing chambers
static stretch & recovery testing chambers

Machine material :Aluminium alloy Materials of gripper :Stainless Steel Load weight: 5 lb, 2.27kg one set 10 lb,B 4.54kg one set Gripper effective clamping width:≥135m Gripper Number of hooks:10 Dimensions:1100x500x1350mm Weight:60 Kg

environment chambers

Tensile tester These series of tensile strength tester are widely used to test tension,tear stength,peelingforce,compression,shearing force,adhesion,three-point bending...ect.inthe field of metal,rubber\plastic,nylon,leather,shoemaking,fabric,insulator,electirc appliance,automobile...etc. Constant temperature and humidity chamber This series machine stimulate various temperature and humidity environment,it is suitable for test electronics,electrical appliances,food,automobile,rubber andplastic,metal print products and furniture products,based on GB/T10586,GJB150.6A,GB/T22894,JJF|101,GB/2423.3,GB/T2423.4,IEC68-2-30,GB/T4857.2,GB/T9278;provide customer with reliable testing report under harsh environment that improve the quality of products.

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