Zipper Pull durability Testing machines

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Zipper simulation test machine

1.Product introduction:

Zipper Pull Tester applies to test the zipper under the transverse-oriented and long direction stress, test whether the zipper can bear the pulling with given times .During the test, the zipper head will be brought along with the same speed, with 30 times per minute until it pulled with given times..

2.Main Parameter:

Stroke 75mm

Motor 1/4HP

Counter LCD, 0-999,999

Machine Size 280*550*660mm

Weight 35KG

Power 1, AC220V, 3A

Transverse clamping device width 25mm

Total weight of clamping device 0.28-0.34kg

Distance between two device 6.35mm

Opening Angle of sample 60°

Interdigitation angle of sample 30°

Zipper Pull durability Tester

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