Shock And Vibration Testing Machine

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luggage shock test machines

1.Product description:

Leather Case Oscillation Impact Tester  is applicable to testing the resistance of oscillating impact of the handle, sew stitch lines and the whole structure of luggages. The testing methods are as follows: First, Load the object with stated load weight. And then do the test to the specimen with the speed of 30 times per minute and the impact height of 4 inches for 2500 times. The tset result can be taken into consideration of quality improvement.

2.The main technical parameters:

Impact Height 4 inch (0~6 inches) adjustable

Oscillation Mode Spring type: 1.79Kg/mm

Testing Speed 5~30 C.P.M. adjustable

Times Setting  1~999999   Automatic shutdown

Additional Fucnction It would stop automatically if something goes wrong.

Dimension 1400×1200×2500 mm

Weight 390 Kg

Power 1,  220V/50Hz

3.Design criteria:


Shock And Vibration Testing machine

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