Cornell Mattress Durability Testing chambers

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1.Product description:

It apply to Innerspring, Box spring mattresses and Foam mattress. The Cornell Type Tester is used to test the long term capacity of bedding to resist cyclic loading. The machine consists of a double hemispherical ram head on a manually adjustable shaft. A load cell is located on the ram head to measure the force being applied to the mattress. The shaft is connected to an adjustable eccentric which is rotated by an electric motor at up to 100 cycles per minute variable.

Test objectives Use specific block impact on the mattress over and over again, to assess their durability, and the fastness of mattress spring. .

Suitable maximum specimen 2.2m *2.2m

Display Accuracy 0.001kgf

Deformation precision 0.001mm

Check the height loss automatically 200、6000、12500、25000、50000、75000、100000

Counter range 0-99999 times

Weight about 650Kg

2.Design criteria:

ASTM F 1566

Cornell Mattress Durability Testing machines
Mattress Durability Testing machines

Mattress Durability Testing machine

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