High Temperature Ashing Furnace

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stainless steel Ashing Furnace

1.Product introduction:

1 .It has stainless steel shell and there are observing holes on the door.

2. It has high-quality refractory materials and the vacuum, forming fiber module or lightweight ceramic.

3. There are vents on rear wall, and it can be connected with fan or catalytic device.

4. It has grounding leakage circuit breakers, and can protect personal safety

5. It matches with process controller C6D or C6 S27 (optional) respectively


Can be widely used in plastic, rubber, packaging, apparatus, machinery and metallurgy, chemical industry etc, and apply for heating of industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for chemical analysis physics laboratory determination and the heating treatment of general small steel parts.

Power Highest temperature Rising time Furnace inside dimension Out size dimension

2.5kw 1000℃ ≤50minute 200×120×80mm 542×360×440mm

5kw 1000℃ ≤60minute 300×200×120mm 650×440×515mm

8kw 1000℃ ≤70minite 400×250×160mm 800×520×587mm

12kw 1000℃ ≤80minite 500×300×200mm 920×608×725mm

2.5kw 1200℃ ≤120minite 200×120×80mm 600×440×550mm

54kw 1200℃ ≤135minite 300×200×120mm 650×570×550mm

High Temperature Ashing Furnace

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