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Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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Daily Use Industry

With the development of daily-use necessities, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, marking machine plays an important role on the production line. In order to avoid counterfeit and manage the regional sales effectively, manufacturers identify their own products with high-tech anti-counterfeiting. 

Wuhan HGLaser Engineering Co.,Ltd. has researched laser for 25 years and maintains technology leading role in domestic. At present, there are thousands of laser marking machines on the production line. Combined with foreign advanced technology and improvement of former generation, FLYING series laser marking machines are new products of HGLaser. Every technical index of the material reaches international level. Compared with domestic similar products, it has obvious advantages in technology and reliability.

FLYING series laser marking machines are made for online marking on surface of various products and external packing. In the process of marking, the products go through the production line constantly, increasing the production efficiency greatly and making laser marking suitable for industrial manufacturing. The applied range of laser marking machine covers almost the whole applied range of inkjet marking machine. FLYING series laser marking machines are widely used in the fields of bio-pharmaceutical, tobacco industry, wine industry, food industry, switch panel, health product, electron industry, national defense industry, auto accessories, card-making industry, craft gift industry, apparel accessories, building materials and so on. Furthermore, the applied range of laser marking machine is getting wider and wider.


FLYING series laser marking machines developed by HGLaser adopt stable lasers and fast speed galvanometer scanning system. There are almost no mechanical parts or wearing parts, ensuring 24 hours continuous production and more than 20000 hours maintenance-free time.

● Easy regulation for various production sites.

●Air cooling design instead of huge water cooling system. Low power consumption, no consumables.

●Need no ink or chemical solvent. The working environment can be clean and free from contamination.

●Waterproof, dustproof, antimagnetic and quakeproof. This series laser marking machines can work in bad environment.

●The marking software is intelligent and is completely self-developed, supporting various mapping software, such as PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, and so on. This series laser marking machines can realize marking of Chinese characters, English characters, dates, bar codes, serial numbers, patterns, etc. Supporting programming language Visual Basic, this series laser marking machines provide technology potential to users. Furthermore, supporting WINDOWS2000, XP, NT and Win7, this series laser making machines nearly double the marking speed compared with traditional marking methods. Allowing individuation of user interface, they satisfy the demand for personalization.

Customer Benefit

With laser technology, customers will benefit much:

● Without tool wear, the operating and material costs are reduced;

● Fast speed improves production efficiency greatly;

● Permanent markers promote product anti-counterfeiting ability;

● The laser marking machine is a high-tech and environmentally friendly product, won’t produce any chemical substances harmful to human body and environment;

● Without ink and chemical solvent, the working environment is clean and non-pollution;

● Brand awareness of products will be increased by classier products and additional value;

● With the traceability system, all aspects of the whole manufacturing process and the operating costs can be controlled effectively;

● Good flexibility increases the diversity of products.

Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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