diaphragm vacuum pump / oil-free / single-stage / compact

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Pumps for Hot Wet Gas Extractive Analysers

Hot wet gas extractive analysis techniques are key to obtaining accurate results from a direct emission sample without distorting the sample through dilution or allowing volatile organic compounds to fall below their dew point.

These techniques are an essential tool in the drive for increased process and efficiency and compliance with the latest environmental regulations in a range of industries such as Power Generation, Cement, Petrochemical and Mining industries that require constant emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) Stack Gas Analysis from combustive processes.

To achieve this a range of separate instruments cells that use different technologies including FTIR, FID or laser based detection methods are often built into one integrated online analyser system.

Whatever measurement techniques are used a sample pump that can operate reliably 24/7 despite the aggressive chemicals and high temperatures found in these applications is key to minimising the response time of the analyser and a successful design.

The Charles Austen Pumps Range of Extended and Heated head pumps provide a well proven and cost effective solution to these challenging applications and can provide a flow rate of 32 lpm.

All the wetted parts are manufactured from virgin PTFE or 316 Stainless wetted parts to ensure reliable long term operation with highly corrosive elements found in these applications at temperatures up to 250 °C (482 °F)

Our pumps are proven in these applications and service kits are available to ensure long term reliable service. Many of our pumps have been in service for more than a decade despite the harsh demands of these applications.

The extended head models are supplied without heaters so the head can be integrated into an instrument oven simplifying the analyser design and minimising the need for heated pipe runs.

While the heated head versions are fitted with self limiting cartridge heaters that maintain a safe sample head temperature of 190°C (437 °F) without the need for external temperature control while preventing condensation.

For applications that requires a finer control of temperature such as the continuous automotive exhaust where all gas transport surfaces must be kept about 225 °C (437 °F) the heaters can be connected to an external PID temperature controller and a threaded thermocouple which is built into the pump head.

diaphragm vacuum pump / oil-free / single-stage / compact

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