Solution of Cutting Imported difficult-to-cut Die Steel


high-low-tooth bimatal bandsaw blade

To reach the accomplishment of efficient economic cutting difficult-to-cut material, the high-low-tooth can effectively reduce the cutting resistance, sharing chips, effectively improve the cutting efficiency and saw blade cutting life. Due to the precise tooth design and the advanced manufacturing process, it can be used to cut difficult-to-cut materials such as mold steel D2, H13, tool steel M42, M2, stainless steel 304, 316 and 316L. The cutting force is reduced to about 70%, which will increases the ability of the blade to cut difficult-to-cut material, preventing valuable material from cuts to one side running out of square and reducing the risk of increasing sawing costs due to material slitting.

Material: Imported die steel H13, D2, 4Cr13, Cr12

Material specifications: width 250mm ~ 600mm, high 40 ~ 180mm

Hardness: 30HRC ~ 42HRC

Saw Model: a sawing machine produced in Zhejiang

Saw Blade Specifications: width 34mm, length 4115

Sawing efficiency: 8 ~ 12cm² / min

Sawing speed: 25m / min

Saw Blade Series: Bichamp TANCUT bimetal bandsaw blade, another brand bandsaw blade

Measurements: Sawing days and sawing area

Sawing results: two saws sawing area are about more than 3 square meters, sawing time are 6 to 7 days.

Solution of Cutting Imported difficult-to-cut Die Steel

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