How helicopter repairing facilities control the quality of repairing operations

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SPARK helicopter repairing company and modern vibration diagnostics methodics

SPARK JSC is a helicopter repairing facility, one of the biggest in Russia. It's main tasks are repair and modernization of Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters of all modifications, as well as unique coaxial helicopters Ka-32 and Ka-27 in Russia and all around the world.

Specialists of this enterprise contacted us in order to develop standard for certification measurements after repair operations. It was an interesting task in new area and our team of engineers was happy to start a new promising project. In tight cooperation with SPARK specialists, diagnostics methodics were developed and now all helicopters, that have been repaired by SPARK specialists are checked with our DC-21 vibration analyzers. Good prospects are arising, because SPARK is a big international corporation with affiliates spreaded around the world and because of high popularity of Russian aviation.

Mi-8 helicopter
Mi-8 helicopter

Ka-27 helicopter

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