Diamond extraction facility in Syberia installed vibration monitoring and diagnostics system

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Diagnostics system for shaft ventilators

Correctly operating shaft ventilators are an essential part of any mining acitivity. Unexpected failure of such important element of the system will inevitably lead to operation halt, causing major economical consequencies. To reduce these risks, critical elements are usually doubled, so that in case of one element failure, second would take all the load. However, it is quite possible, that both critical elements would be unavailable, for examle, one ventilator could be on periodic maintenance, whilst other fails during operation. For these purposes stationary diagnostics systems are used. By using technologies of condition change prediction like Dream32, it is possible to identify developing defects long before they will lead to machine failure (up to 3 month). Knowledge about condition of elements of equipment (bearings, for ex.) allows to plan logistics of spare parts, maintenance personnel schedule, equipment operation regime etc.

Apart from our stationary system, Alrosa engineers also use our DC-21and DC-23 data collectors, which are also compatible with automatic diagnostics DREAM software.

Alrosa mine
Alrosa mine

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