Stationary system installed on Kalininskaya Nuclear Plant

Association VAST

KVK-21 monitoring system was successfully comissioned last month on one of the main energy generating enterprises of Tver region, Russia

Kalininskaya Nuclear Plant is one of the most important technological objects of Tver city area. It produces 70 % of the energy in the region. Station has 4 reactors 1000 MVt each. Produced energy is transferred to united energy system of the country, thus supplying Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tver, Vladimir and Cherepovetc. It is quite obvious, that due criticality of the plant to the economical and ecological situation in the region, it is absolutely neccessary to ensure safe and lean production of nuclear enegry.

Plant board has decided to install a vibration monitoring system KVK-21 of Association VAST production on cooling pumps. System has 32 points of control and will measure overall level of vibration. Acquired data will be compared to state and industry standarts and maintenance personnel then would have some quantitaive information about aggregates state in order to plan maintenance activities and prevent accidents.

Plant personnel also effectively uses vibration diagnostics. They purchased a few DC-21 vibration analyzers with DREAM software and now they can control a large number of equipment by relatively small amount of specifically trained personnel. We wish our loyal customers all the best in their future endeavours and hope for successful cooperation in years to come!

Kalininskaya Power Plant
Kalininskaya Power Plant

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