Successful implementation of vibration diagnostics on the enterprise

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Severstal story of success

Severstal is a major mining and metal making factory in Russia. Although company share of metal production occupies only 1 % of the world's production, Severstal leads the ratings of the most profitable enterprise in this field. One of the reasons for that - is proactive approach in maintenance.

Several years ago one of the senior engineers of Severstal had a course in vibration diagnostics in our educational center. After finishing that course, he realised, that this could be well implemented on his factory. Upon arrival he faced a lot of negativity and conservative views, however he managed to convince his seniors to give it a try. At first, he was working alone. He asked for a group of not-very-critical equipment to be responsible for and was doing periodic diagnostics, using our vibration analyzer DC-21 and system for automatic defects identification Dream. After a year he proved to his seniors, that it is possible to save some substational amount of resources by not doing periodic maintenance of equipment, that did not require interference. Senior management than gave him more employees and more equipment to control. Very soon all factory started using vibration diagnostics on the regular basis.

Throughout this journey we helped extensively to implement this system on the enterprise and gave recommendations in some complex situations. If you need some rough economical justification for implementatnion of vibration diagnostics system, just calculate how much money the enterprise loses, if the producation process stops unexpectedly. Besides that, 50 % of maintenance is done in cases, when the mainetnance is not needed at all. 70 % of machine defects are introduced into the aggregate by maintenance personnel.

Statistically speaking, you may decrease the costs of your maintenance by 30 % if you transfer your enterprise to condition-based maintenance and "Association VAST" can help you do it step by step.

Successful implementation of vibration diagnostics on the enterprise

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