Diagnostics of rolling stock on the Yaroslavskiy Railway Repair Factory


Specialists of Association VAST made a presentation for engineers of the Yaroslavskiy Railway Repair Factory Bearings

Diagnostics of the locomotive is usually performed at locomotive repair depots. Locomotive is raised by means of adjustable jacking system and than sensors are placed in the specific spots to identify the conditions of wage wheel bearings and mechanical gear, that is used to transfer torque from electric drive.

In order to obtain reliable results from automatic diagnostics, it is neccessary to accelerate wage wheels to the minimum speed of 120 revolutions per minute. To do so, specific electric scheme is used to control the speed of electric drive of the locomotive. After all preparations are made, vibration spectras are acquired from each bearing. Based on this spectras, Dream software estimates the next measurement date, based on the severity of the defect. If some sirious defect is found, maintenance personnel disassemble the wage wheel and make visual inspection. Practise shows, that it is possibe achieve approx. 90 % reliability in bearings faults identification. This allows to vastly decrease the amount of unneeded service work, to increase the life of the bearings, to guarantee locomotive elements reliability during the trip. Whole Russian railway system operates under standarts, written by Association VAST specialists. Now we sell new vibration analyzers DC-23 together with Dream software for our clients in the railway sector. DC-23 allows to conduct all measurements in fast pace, thus seriously reducing overall diagnostics time.

Repairing depot
Repairing depot

wage wheels

Structural scheme of wage wheels

Vibration spectra in Db

In the small window you can see the calculated energy of vibration in defined area.

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