2 zone thermal shock test chamber


hot and cold 2 zone temperature shock test chambers

1.This system accords with the cold and hot shock tests of reliability specifications.((CNS、MIL、IEC、JIS、ISO、 ASTM、DIN、 BS、 UL、 NACE ……)

2.Put the testing sample on transfer basket,driving by High pressure cylinder,sending the transfer basket into high, low temperature testing zone, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid temperature change .

Temperature range of high & low temperature storage zone:

1.High temperature storage zone : RT to 200 Deg C

2.Low temperature storage zone : RT to - 55Deg C

Temperature range of testing zone:

1.high temperature range : 60 ~ 150 Deg C

2.low temperature range : -10 ~ -40 Deg C

Testing box Configuration:

Viewing windows W300 x H400 three vacuum layer (special specifications optional type)

Plane embedded handle

Hinge SUS # 304

Inside lights 11W, sash / frame anti-condensation of electric devices, and Windows support

SUS # 304 stainless steel shelving two grille.

Stainless steel adjustable shelving track 2 groups.

Power test leads hole φ50mm , 1pcs silicone plug

Machine pulley: mining mobile adjust the placement and strength bolt position (500Kg / round)

2 zone thermal shock test chamber

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